Gov. John Bel Edwards, seen here at the February meeting of the Restore Louisiana Task Force, has demanded federal Housing and Urban Development director Dr. Ben Carson give an explanation of the Duplication of Benefits policy, which has delayed recovery for flood victims in Louisiana and other states.

BATON ROUGE – A request from Gov. John Bel Edwards to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development asking or clarity on the Small Business Administration duplication of benefits policy will highlight discussion the Restore Louisiana Task Force meeting at 9:30 a.m. Friday at the State Capitol.

The “Duplication of Benefits” policy has been one of the most widely criticized issues among both Republicans and Democrats. Lawmakers from both parties have cited the policy’s negative effect on thousands of Louisiana homeowners impacted by flood disasters in 2016.

The Office of Community Development will provide updates on the Restore Homeowner Program, the Restore Small Business Program and the Restore Rental Housing Programs, as well as plans for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal infrastructure and watershed management funds allocated to Louisiana and included in the recent federal legislation.

Additionally, OCD will ask the Task Force to vote on resolutions regarding the following programs and plans:

Rental Housing Programs: reallocation of unspent funds from the Neighborhood Landlord Program to the Piggyback Program;
Watershed Planning and Mitigation Plan: presentation of a broad proposal for investment in resilience projects;
Public Service Program: creation of a program to assist sheriff’s departments in the most impacted and distressed parishes; and reallocation of $5 million from administration funds to the newly created Public Service Program.
The meeting will be held in House Committee Room 5 at the State Capitol. The meeting will be livestreamed from the State Capitol at and a link to the livestream will be shared on the Restore Louisiana Task Force website and the Restore Louisiana Facebook page.

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